4 Key Benefits of Early Writing

March 21, 2017

When your kids start to scribble on walls, floors, and papers, that’s when you know it’s time for them to start learning basic writing. At this stage, they are slowly realizing that letters can be arranged and eventually form into words. As parents, it can be difficult to encourage your kids to start having an interest in writing. But, do keep in mind that starting early has its own benefits.

  1. Early writing helps them to start having an interest in reading
    • Writing is the first step to help your child learn how to read. Through writing, it will activate and coordinate their reading circuitry.
  2. Early writing builds their confidence
    • Show your child how to write their first name, so they can be ahead of others. Giving them praises every time they got it correctly would boost their confidence and eventually lead them to excel in school.
  3. Early writing trains the brain
    • Writing can develop your child’s motor skills. Tracing the dots puzzle requires children to use hand and eye coordination which will also encourage them to practice counting. Your child’s visual perception will also improve for they will be interpreting images seen by the eyes such as alphabets and numbers.
  4. Early writing lets them discover their talent
    • When your kids know how to write, they will be able to express their ideas and tell stories. And, as they are continuously improving, you will soon discover their talents. Writing could be a great exercise for their hands while their muscles are still developing and having control to make shapes and lines. Who knows? Your child might be the next great artist!

Writing is an important part of our everyday life, to converse thoughts and complete tasks. Encourage your kid to write early by giving them creative writing materials so they will have interest while having fun.

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