5 Ways to Empower Kids against Bullying

June 09, 2017

Many kids have been subjected to bullying, but also getting bullied by others. And with this reason, there are lot of approaches and ways on how schools can reduce such incidents. Unfortunately, they are still struggling in implementing those. As parents, you can help your kids gain and develop skills to avoid being bullied and becoming one. Here’s how.

  1. Model compassionate, respectful relationships from the time your child is small
    • Making sure that your kids will grow up with the right values is an effective way to keep them from being bullied and from becoming a bully.
  2. Stay connected to your child
    • Kids that are sad are more likely to be bullied and are often ashamed to tell their parents that they are being bullied, so having a good relationship with your child and an easy way communication between the both of you will avoid the gap.
  3. Model confident behavior with other people
    • As a parent, your kids see you as a model to look up to. From that reason, parents should be careful on what you are doing that will affect another person. Remember, that you are teaching your kids to follow your footsteps.
  4. Teach your child respectful self-assertion
    • Kids need to know that they can achieve their goals or doing the things they need without hurting and respecting other people.
  5. Teach your child to socialize with others
    • Bullies often target kids whom they think is introvert. Teaching your kids to socialize and letting them find a peer that they think they can relate with, to make them less attractive to bullies.

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