6 Ideas to Engage Your Kids in Early Learning

March 03, 2017

Encouraging your kids to study in their early age can be quite tricky. Distractions surrounding them would easily change their mind when it comes to studying. However, you can still persuade your kids to study by following these tips.

  1. Pin Up Pictures
    • Place pictures of animals, people or things on the vicinity where your kids usually stay. Each pictures must have their corresponding names for them to remember it. You can either write the names by yourself or let your kid trace the letters of the words. Once your kid has already familiarize themselves with the photos, remove their corresponding names to help them memorize each word. Through this method, it will help improve your kid’s memory.
  2. Letter Lacing
    • Letter lacing or letter tracing will help your kids to write and form words. It will not only teach them the alphabet, but also guide them in basic word reading.
  3. Measuring
    • Use different common household items to teach your kids basic math and measuring. You can also use printed materials with colorful designs to engage them in counting. This way, your kids will not get bored.
  4. Texture Testing
    • Kids, especially toddlers use their senses such as smell, taste and touch to explore their surroundings. You can let them trace and touch letters with a unique texture so they can easily memorize each item.
  5. Origami
    • Origami is the art of paper folding. Kids can develop a sense of following instructions through origami’s complexity. A step by step process will enable them to understand organization in doing their daily task and problem solving.
  6. Art Activities
    • To boost their creativity and imagination, provide them several coloring materials and papers. In addition, let them draw what’s on their mind or draw the things around them for it can improve their creativeness and discover different colors.

In any activity that you and your child engage in, make sure to encourage them by giving them treats and praising words. Make them feel that you appreciate the effort they put into their work and believe that they will be successful. Your support is the most essential factor in your child’s development.

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