PurpleBug Inc.

Up Dog: The Adventures of Cedric and Josh is a mobile game application powered by PurpleBug Inc. PurpleBug is a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that works with principle and technology. With more than 20 years of combined experience in IT, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and Hospitality in the Philippines and the Asia Pacific, PurpleBug fully understands the market and its needs.

PurpleBug provides a combined solution of strategy and technology in digital marketing and business development through its wide array of services. We help companies excel in the digital world and maximize their local and online presence and grow their business strategically.

With PurpleBug skilled team of professionals in the fields of Marketing, Sales, and IT, we take our passion for the digital marketing industry seriously. With the combination of experts in these fields, PurpleBug evidently produce and generate a 360° digital marketing approach and solutions for our clients.

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