Up Dog: The Adventures of Cedric and Josh is all about getting the highest score possible by allowing Cedric to fly continuously.

In order to maintain his flying, Cedric must collect and consume his favorite foods which are the hotdog in a bun, broccoli, pumpkin pie, and bone-shaped butter cookie. Each delicacy has a corresponding effect on Cedric.

When Cedric chomps on a hotdog in a bun, it will provide him a flammable shield and extra speed. With the broccoli, 100 points will immediately be added to the player’s game points. The special baked goods such as the pumpkin pie and bone-shaped butter cookie tales a different effect. The pumpkin pie will help Cedric to have a kick start on his flying journey while the bone-shaped butter cookie will turn the falling objects to gold coins.

Upon flying, Cedric will come across several obstacles caused by his archenemy Josh. These falling objects include flower pots, bricks, and empty jars. Cedric must be able to avoid these for it will definitely hinder his way up.

The player must make sure that Cedric collects the baked goods and avoid the falling objects.

To make the game more exciting and challenging, nature will take its course. Additional distractions such as lightning strike, hanging clothes, meteors, sun blast, comets, satellites and others will be present depending on the player’s level of the game.