Up Dog: The Adventures of Cedric and Josh is a mobile game application that exhibits the flying skills and life story of the main character named Cedric. Up Dog also illustrates the daily lives of Cedric, Josh, and the rest of the people in the neighborhood.

Cedric is a community dog living in the downtown city. He used to be the pet dog of the city’s famous baker, Mr. Norberto. But, a misfortune in Cedric’s life occurred when his owner died. Unfortunately, Mr. Norberto doesn’t have a family of his own that resulted to Cedric becoming homeless.

Luckily, the good community of the downtown city decided to take care of Cedric. They provided him his essential needs such as his shelter and most especially food. Cedric is not your typical dog. He has a deep fascination for baked goods. He’s fond of Mr. Norberto’s favorite meal which was the hotdog in a bun and broccoli.

The good people of the neighborhood namely Rona, Mark, and Granny Alejandra treated Cedric as their own pet. In exchange of the pleasant treatment of the community, Cedric provides them happiness and amusement.

One exceptional characteristic Cedric possesses is that he can fly. Whenever he consumes his favorite combo of the hotdog in a bun and broccoli, he tends to fly with supreme eagerness. In addition, he also has a habit of displaying intense emotions when he chomps on a special pumpkin pie and a bone-shaped butter cookie.

Everyone in the community adores Cedric except for Josh. Josh is the community’s grumpy stray cat. Unlike Cedric, he eats scraps and nobody takes care of him that resulted his despise and loathe towards Cedric. Alongside his partner in crime, Cherry, the Eagle, they try to ward off Cedric from the ration of food given by the community people.



Beware of falling jars, this is an act of Josh of course, Cedric can dodge this easily in the first stages of the game. Be alert! Josh might be around to throw this.



Josh throws multiple bricks down to Cedric to make him topple down in his way up, this can be seen throughout the game. Avoid it!



Josh throws this as well to stop Cedric, always be alert of Josh’s tricks just to meddle with the neighborhood’s favorite dog.



Be careful. As you go higher, air traffic is also present. You might get hit by flying machines like this, helicopter. Helicopters start flying around level 2.



Cedric flies with airplanes in level 3, this requires skillful evasion. Airplanes are flying around level 3.



In level 4, you should avoid being hit by lasers. You have great flying skills if you reach this stage, keep it up!



Rockets wouldn’t let you and Cedric fly that easy, try to overtake the rocket as it goes fast, do your best and be the best in flying with Cedric!