Six Fun Activities to Improve Your Kid’s Development

August 09, 2017

Kids seem to have boundless energy that oftentimes result to chaos and mess around the house. But, don’t worry for UpDog prepared a few fun-filled adventures that will keep your little ones learning and entertained at the same time.

Six Fun Activities to Improve Your Kids Development

Five Reasons Why Art is Important for your Kids

August 09, 2017

Art is just as important as Math, Reading, and other common core subjects. Helping your child create and appreciate visual and art is not just a luxury, but an important building block for them to grow and develop. Here are some of the developmental benefits of art.

Five Reasons Why Art is Important for your Kids

7 Ways to Teach your Baby How to Walk

July 05, 2017

One of the most exciting moments of being a parent is teaching your baby to take their first steps, and eventually see your cute little ones walk on their own.

Babies learn how to walk from 4-15 months and there are stages for them to learn how to stand and walk. Timing is also vital; you need to know when is the right time to teach your baby the basics on how to walk. Here are guides to help your baby walk:

Baby Walk

5 Ways to Teach your Child Right Values

June 24, 2017

Teaching kids the right values aren’t that easy. They learn based on what and how they live. We teach them every day what’s right by the things we show and the culture we’re creating with them. Parents want their kids to experience how good it feels to choose to do right things.
Finding it hard to introduce it to them? No worries! Here are some methods to help you.


Simple Ways to Encourage your Kids to go to School

June 17, 2017

Can you hear the school bells ringing? What about your kids’ wailing? Every parent has gone through the classic scenario of kids crying when school starts. It’s time to teach your kids on how to adjust to a new environment every school year. Listed below are reminders a parent must know.

Encourage kids