5 Tips to Boost Your Kids Mathematical Skills

July 20, 2022

Learning math at school can be difficult especially it it’s their first time to solve simple equations. Some students also believe that having a skills in math is an inherited ability, but studies shows that most of the students that became successful are those who work hard to study. We as parents plays a vital role as well in order for our kid to be interested in math.

Here are 5 tips to help your child develop their mathematical potential:

  1. Inspire them
    • Believe in your kid that they will succeed. Give them the perfect mindset in able to be motivated in learning math. Support them by helping them to their homework. Make them understand everything, from counting to basic equations so it will be easier for them to understand. Praise them as well when they do it right. By doing such, it will boost their confidence. And when they fail, make it an inspiration and a challenge for them to not give up.
  2. Math activities at home
    • Giving them activities enhance their mind to respond quickly and analyze properly especially in problem solving. There are also websites and mobile applications that can help them to recognize in mathematical problems. On top of that, they can learn in advance whenever they want. Math games such as chess, dominoes or checkers are fun activities that involves math that your kids will surely enjoy.
  3. Relating it to your daily life
    • Measuring the distance, checking the time, counting money are some examples of our everyday interactions that involve math. Explain and enlighten them how it applies to real-life situations the value of learning mathematics. Once your kid understands the importance of math to our daily life, it will help them to familiarize and get excited about math.
  4. Provide them the materials they need
    • Kids tend to get excited to study when they have all the materials in front of them. Provide your kid flash cards, textbooks, and a calculator to help them exercise their skill. But before anything else, give them a piece of paper and a pencil to practice writing particularly numbers. It will be easier for them to compute when the numbers are written properly.
  5. Practice makes perfect
    • It’s okay if they didn’t get it in the first time. Practicing computing and solving equations can make them better. Look for examples of famous people who didn’t give up on their dreams even if they failed a thousand times. It will give them the urge to strive harder. Who knows? Your child could be a great mathematician someday!
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