5 Ways to Teach your Child Right Values

June 23, 2017

Teaching kids the right values aren’t that easy. They learn based on what and how they live. We teach them every day what’s right by the things we show and the culture we’re creating with them. Parents want their kids to experience how good it feels to choose to do right things.
Finding it hard to introduce it to them? No worries! Here are some methods to help you.

  1. Stay connected
    • Spend more time with your child. Kids nowadays want more affection and attention from their parents. Turn off your phone, forget about your plans, and be fully present with your child.
  2. Set limits with empathy
    • Boundaries teach kids what’s right and empathy makes the boundaries reasonable and agreeable so that our kids are will easily to accept it.
  3. Give support
    • Supporting our kids helps us to have a positive and dynamic relationship with each other. Over time, we help our kids to create good habits.
  4. Teach your child to “repair” relationships when they’ve done damage
    • As parents, it is your responsibility to help your kids on their problems and make them realize that fixing problem is better than getting away from it.
  5. Help with emotions
    • When your kids are experiencing hardships, show them that you as parents understand their situation. They will gradually show you those emotions. Eventually, your kids will learn that emotions aren’t a problem, which will help to regulate their behavior and make better choices.

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