7 Benefits of Early Reading

February 24, 2017

Parents have an integral part on their child’s learning. They are the foundation of every child’s life and academic intelligence. Aside from spending a lot of time finding the right school for your children, you should spend extra time teaching your kids to read at home.

The first six years of a child’s life is when they learn faster compared to other years of their lives. A child’s brain is capable of developing 20,000 different connections that is linked to the information they get. This could take place with the right stimulation and encouragement. Most of the time, strong reading skills is the basis of higher grades in school.

In connection to the statement above, here are some of the advantages of early reading in children.

  1. Develops the Brain
    • When a child is taught to read at an early age, new links are formed from the stretched existing links in the brain. It is found that early reading has a big impact in the developing brain of a child.
  2. Academic Excellence
    • Students who have been exposed to early reading have a higher capacity to do well in all subject matter.
  3. Psychological Impact
    • Reading gives a child a greater sense of maturity and discipline. If a child learns how to read with a caring parent, there is a tendency that s/he will have self-confidence and be independent.
  4. Linguistic Reasons
    • Reading will widen a child’s vocabulary at an early age. It will improve their grammar, writing and spelling skills. It will also develop their communication skills and help them in mastery of language.
  5. Communication Skills
    • When the characters in the book interact, and the way you (parent) interact with your kid, they adapt and learn from those interactions which they will be using to intermingle with other kids as well.
  6. Apprehend Scenarios
    • The scenes they encountered during reading will help them understand things that they may experience in the future and will somehow guide them how to deal different situations.
  7. Logical Thinking Skills
    • The ability of a child to get non-concrete ideas gives them the capability to have good judgement, apply logic in different situations and to identify the causes and effects. A child can pick up different strategies that will help them in dealing with life.

It is very important to read with and to your child. Not only will it be a great way to have a good relationship with your child, but also a way for you to prepare your child in their future endeavors.

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