7 Essential Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Mental Abilities

July 20, 2022

Some kids are born with natural talents such as being athletic, good in numbers, artistic, and maybe the kid is naturally talented when it comes to logical thinking. Well, it’s given that not all children are born equal, but the good news is that you can help your kids improve their intellectual abilities while they’re young. The key to fostering your child effectively is to make every activity fun while they are learning at same time. Here’s how:

  1. Increasing concentration
    • You can use their toys to keep their attention. Ask them to count their toys and then remove some of them after some time, and then ask them which toys were missing. This will improve their memory.
  2. Enough sleep
    • Getting enough sleep is very important for kids, as it recharges the brain functions. Some study supports that sleeping for an hour during the afternoon boosts cognitive learning abilities.
      • Children: 10 to 12 hours of sleep
      • Teenagers: 8 to 10 hours of sleep
  3. Read together
    • Bond with your kids and read together. It will instill the habit of reading in your child. Reading books is a good exercise for the brain and it will improve your kid’s imagination and creativity.
  4. Exercise
    • Exercising increases the blood flow of the brain up to 30% of the brain which is good for memory and learning, as it increases learning capacity.
  5. Meditation
    • Teach your kids some deep breathing techniques to calm and soothe their mind. This will help improve memory and control emotions.
  6. Active learning
    • Focus more on active learning process than passive learning activities. Engage your kids with outdoor activities. Nothing teaches us better than experiences so make them participate to your pre-planned and purposeful activities.
  7. Play with your children
    • Make time to play with your children. This way, they will be familiar with the environment and they will gain confidence. They should also learn to play with other kids to improve their interpersonal skills.

Remember, you’ll always be their first playmate. So go out with your kids, hang out on the beach, or go on a fun picnic.

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