7 Ways to Teach your Baby How to Walk

July 04, 2017

One of the most exciting moments of being a parent is teaching your baby to take their first steps, and eventually see your cute little ones walk on their own.

Babies learn how to walk from 4-15 months and there are stages for them to learn how to stand and walk. Timing is also vital; you need to know when is the right time to teach your baby the basics on how to walk. Here are guides to help your baby walk:

  1. Sitting (For ages 4-7 months old)
    • Sitting is the first stage of gaining their ability to walk. At first, help them to sit. Play with them, roll a ball back and forth, or play stacking games to help in enhancing their little muscles. When your baby starts sitting without help, that’s a good sign. It just means that their muscles started to become stronger in preparation to walk.
  2. Crawling (For ages 7-10 months old)
    • When your baby starts crawling, they are in the process of strengthening their arms and legs that they will soon need when they start to stand. Give a short distance and call your baby to come to you. Do this as an exercise for your baby to crawl
  3. Pulling up (For age 8 months old)
    • Pulling up will help the baby to become familiar with the standing position and will develop their balance later on. They will need a guardian or anything like a furniture to hold as support. Teach them how to bend their knees to get back down to the floor. You can stand beside your baby and let them grab your leg to stand up.
  4. Walking with help (For ages 8-9 months old)
    • When your baby is in the process of developing their balance, you can now help them to take a few steps.
  5. Cruising (For ages 8-9 months old)
    • Cruising is the stage when your baby starts to get around using furniture and other surfaces as support. You need to make sure that the furniture is well-secured to the wall and prepare a soft-landing spot to prevent accident.
  6. Standing without help (For ages 9-12 months old)
    • Balancing is important. If your baby can stand and balance for a few seconds, it will boost their confidence and eventually they will feel like they can take a step.
  7. First steps (For ages 9-12 months old)
    • It is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Your baby needs your guidance and support as they take their first steps. Cheering and praising them will do.

Do remember that it is a trial and error process. They will lose their balance at times, but continue to praise and encourage them to walk. As they gain more confidence and become more comfortable, they will eventually learn how to walk on their own.

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