8 Common Manners Every Kid Should Know

July 20, 2022

Kids could be rude and clumsy at times with people around them. That is why we must teach them to act accordingly wherever they are. By the time they have mastered the manners you taught them, they will grow polite and socially educated. Here are the following items to keep in mind when it comes to instilling them with proper manners.

  1. Respecting the elders
    • Tell your kid that whenever elders are talking to them, they should listen and respond to them with respect by using polite words such as “po” and “opo”.
  2. Saying polite words
    • Saying words like “thank you”, “please”, and “excuse me” should be their habit. It is important to educate them by being a role model for your little one. Showing it could help them adapt the right attitude.
  3. Greeting visitors
    • Welcoming the guest with a smile would be a great attitude. It shows that your kid is accommodating and entertaining. Also advise them to not interrupt the conversation of the adults.
  4. Table etiquette
    • Teach your child to eat properly especially if you have visitors at home. They should know to use proper utensils, chew quietly and to not speak when their mouth is full. Lastly, train them to use table napkins if needed.
  5. Behaving outside home
    • They should not be running and yelling outside as some people might find it annoying. Discipline them to not leave your side and to not throw tantrums especially at the mall or theme parks.
  6. Helping in household chores
    • Train your kids to do household chores as simple as picking up their toys after using. Also, taking initiative to lift a hand to someone if they need assistance. Soon it will become their practice to help others.
  7. Asking permissions
    • If they need something or anything they want to do, they should know how to ask for permission first as a respect to others. Explain to your kid the sense of it so that if something goes wrong they will not be accused.
  8. Avoid bad words
    • It is best to explain to them the words they are saying to be aware. Don’t let them say mean words to others as well.
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