Six Fun Activities to Improve Your Kid’s Development

July 20, 2022

Kids seem to have boundless energy that oftentimes result to chaos and mess around the house. But, don’t worry for UpDog prepared a few fun-filled adventures that will keep your little ones learning and entertained at the same time.

1.      Try out textures

·         Introduce alphabet and numbers to your kids in a unique way by decorating each letter or number with textured items. This opportunity will give them an idea on how the letters and numbers are formed.

2.      Label your household

·         Putting labels on your house items will help your kids remember the items seen in your house. Make sure to label them properly so they can easily identify the items.  

3.      Measuring up

·         Use legos or any objects that can make measuring a bit fun! Instead of using a ruler, let your kids use their tiny toys to measure objects. They are measuring and at the same time learning how to count.

4.      Scavenger hunt

·         Kids love to explore and go on different adventures. Let your kids play as investigators as they search for different items in the hunt.

5.      Sing vocabulary words

·         Try singing each basic learning tool for your kids so they can memorize it easily. Eventually, they’ll start to memorize letters, numbers, days of the week, and even the body parts through melodic tunes.

6.      Weather wall

·         Teach your children the kinds of weather by creating a weather wall or weather window. Try cutting out a sun or anything that will represent summer and place it in your kid’s wall.


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