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  • You may have multiple services and apps running in the background that are eating up your device's memory.
  • Your device's storage may be full.
  • Your UpDog app may not be up-to-date
  • Your device's system may not be up-to-date.
  • Try restarting your phone.
  • Check for Apple and Android updates.
  • Update UpDog Adventures app.'
  • Android: Andoird Kitkat
  • Ram: 500 mb

  • Apple: iPhone 5s
  • 5th generation iPad
    • Try clearing the data and cache of your UpDog Adventures App
    • Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
    • Try rebooting your device.


    PurpleBug Inc., the leading digital marketing agency in the Philippines developed UpDog Adventures.

    Cedric is the community's favorite dog and is always fed by the townspeople.Josh, on the other hand, is a stray cat who sleeps in the streets and eats scraps. Nobody takes care of him. This made Josh dislike Cedric; he thinks it's unfair that Cedric is getting all the attention and care.

    Cedric was born with flying powers because his parents were kind and compassionate to the townspeople.